Shatterbox History

Shatterbox pedalAfter the Silicon-based Zonk Machine MKII was launched in 1966 as a more affordable version of the Germanium MKI Zonk. John Hornby Skewes commissioned another effect from Wilsic sounds Charlie Ramskirr which combined the Fuzz circuit of the Zonk MKII and his Rangemaster competitor the Hornby Skewes Treble Boost.

The result was the birth of the SHATTERBOX.
The Shatterbox came in a folded aluminium casing similar to that of the Zonk Machine bit had two footswitches to turn the independent circuits on and off.

The most notable user of this crazy pedal was Marc Bolan of T-Rex who can be seen using the pedal in his rig in many pictures from the period.

Click here for the Shatterbox

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