Company History

The British Pedal Company brings together a team of builders and developers with over 60 years of experience in the music industry. Originally developing, designing, and re-creating pedals for the JMI brand in the early 2000s the team achieved great success. In 2011 they cut ties with the JMI brand and in 2014 launched their own range under the new British Pedal Company. Today, The British Pedal Company is able to offer a far superior product due to the sheer amount of hours of research gone into improving both production and the optimization of transistor manufacture. All of our transistors are manufactured to our own specification ensuring improved reliability and low noise.

Many people ask us how each transistor differs in tone. Everyone’s ears are different but here is our small guide..

OC75: Bright and high gain, snappy in tone, sounds raspy in a 2 transistor circuit such as the MKI.5
OC81D: Smooth gain lots of saturation
2G381: This is what gives the MKI its sag when you bend a note. They are key to the MKIs Tone.
OC44: Bright and Driven Tone
OC71: More Shrill and Glassy then an OC44
ACY41: Bright, Raspy, and in your face (ideal for fuzz)
2n4061: Silicon-based, used in the Shatterbox for crazy amounts of thick fuzz


New Transistor vs Old Transistors

In some of our models we do use original 1960s transistors. Like old pickups over time they degrade in strength and generally a little more rounded in tone.
We are always more than happy to assist with any issues or questions you may have so please get in touch.

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