PEP BOX History

WEM Pepbox fuzzThe Pep Box fuzz was originally designed by engineer Pepe Rush in 1965. He had been brought a fuzz pedal from the period and investigated how it amplified the sound using Germanium transistors. After building some initial prototypes in 1965 Pepe Rush sold some of his units to Charlie Watkins of WEM.

Badging them WEM-RUSH PEP BOX Charlie Watkins managed to get one into the hands of John Lennon during the Revolver sessions as well as several other musicians from the period including The Animals, Zoot Money, Georgie Fame, and The Blue Flames.

WEM went on to develop a silicon model of the pedal in 1966 which was featured the long thin casing but it did not have the tone of the early Rush-produced Germanium models. Early examples are highly sought after and command a high price on today’s market.

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