Buzzaround History

Designed by Gary Hurst in 1966 for the Baldwin-Burns Company the Buzzaround fuzz was very different from its competitors. Constructed on tagboard the Buzzaround also used a new configuration of transistors. This time Hurst deployed NKT213 units which offered rich smooth sustain. The controls were updated from the Tone Bender to include Balance, Timbre, and Sustain which gave the user a larger sonic scope than its predecessors.

The Buzzaround was also housed in a new wedge-shaped casing with a sliding tray, similar to the Dallas Rangemaster. Only a handful of units were produced between 1966 and 1968 making them almost mythical to some collectors.

The most famous user of the Buzzaround was King Crimson guitarist Robert Fripp who was quoted in Guitar Player (1974) as stating

On stage, I use three pedals on a pedalboard: A volume pedal, fuzz-tone, and wah-wah. I’m not sure what type of wah-wah it is. The best fuzz-box to use is a Burn’s Buzz-around which they discontinued making in England about six years ago.” – Robert Fripp, King Crimson

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