Compact Series MKI Tone Bender

Compact version of the 1965 pedal originally developed by effects wizard Gary Hurst. The MKI Tone Bender became the main tone for artists such as Jeff Beck, Mick Ronson and many more. This pedal was the founding father of British Fuzz.

BPC Compact Series MKI Tone Bender

  • Small casing variant
  • MKI Tone Bender Circuit
  • Handmade in the UK
  • Germanium PNP Transistors
  • Level & Attack Controls
  • Negative 9V DC Power inlet

Transistor Tone Guide

OC75: Bright and high gain, snappy in tone, sounds raspy in a 2 transistor circuit such as the MKI.5
2G381: This is what gives the MKI its sag when you bend a note. They are key to the MKIs Tone.

*** Please note All Compact Series Pedals require their own isolated 9V power supply. This is due to the nature of the PNP Transistors which cannot be used with a daisy chained supply.

Perfect. Great seller.
Gary C
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